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Started off his career studying Cert III in Personal Care found an appetite to want to help and support people who need assistance. This took him onto more study to become a registered nurse and then after several years working in aged care, medical surgical wards and emergency departments he finally found his calling as a paramedic. Adrian has been working as paramedic for some time now, enjoying being on the front line of healthcare. Adrian found he wanted to give more and help people in a various area of need. With the idea and assistance, Care for Living Pty. Ltd. was born with the intention to create a service for people that is inclusive and accepting of all.


Found her passion for caring and supporting people when she was a young girl and this carried onto adulthood. Sarah helped her mother who was a special developmental school teacher assisting people with special needs in the schooling environment and community engagements. Wanting to continue the supportive and caring roles, Sarah became a registered nurse and practiced in areas of surgical, aged care and general ward nursing. After some time as nurse, found a passion in alternative therapies specialising in Chinese Medicine. With all this gained knowledge and experience over the last 30 years Sarah found an avenue in the NDIS to continue helping and supporting others.


1. Respect and treat everyone equally as valued individuals.
We respect everyone individually, their rights and personal beliefs without discrimination. We respect and value our employees and our NDIS participants and the unique contributions of each person.

2. Person Centred Care.
We believe that everybody’s care should be personal and time should be taken to understand the different requirements to support the needs of the individual.

3. People are our priority.
We believe that all our staff and NDIS participants should be treated with compassion. Our focus is person orientated, their individual needs and requirements. We believe that each employee and NDIS participant has a unique set of skills and these should be valued.

4. Rights and Responsibilities.
As a company everyone involved has rights and responsibilities that will be adhered to. We are honest with ourselves, employees and NDIS participants. We accept responsibility and we hold ourselves accountable for our actions.

5. Trust.
We trust that our employees will adhere to the values while working for Care For Living Pty. Ltd. and care for each NDIS participant as an individual. We trust that all NDIS participants, their family and friends will respect our staff at all times.

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